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Our Story

Our company started at the university coffee shop when we decided to jump into a hackathon organized by our good friend. We started brainstorming and on different challenges and occasionally came up with the same idea inspired by one of our events. 

The idea was simple: last night we had 150 visitors at the event, however, we could speak only to 10 random people there. But who were others? 

Next week we came to the hackathon and successfully did lose it, but this defeat became a start for 'Treffenmeet' 

What we Offer

Event List

Simple and convenient list
of people who surround you

Smart Ads

We are not gonna spam your event with ads,
instead we will make it smart

Social Impact

Running NGO or social enterprise?
We have some special for you!

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E-Business Card

Save using paper with our digital business cards and reach more potential partners faster .

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TreffenMeet Team


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Co-founder/ Frontend Developer